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Ganesha Huge Wall Mask

Beautiful Ganesha wall mask

Hand made in Nepal from wood.

      Hand made in Nepal from wood.

Beautiful hand made mask
Beautiful hand made mask



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From Yackandandah to Bali and back

My last trip to Bali was around 25 years ago, and I wasn’t all that keen on it then.

Times have changed and Bali has changed.  All the drug smuggler controversy, terrorist bombings, etc have taken their toll over the years.

The Balinese are a beautiful people and that’s one thing that hasn’t changed unless of course they have become more beautiful.
Well all the people I met while there were exceptional people.

I was there shopping for stock for our shop in Yackandandah Victoria Australia. Check it out if you like just click here

Anyway, up and down the mountains around towns, looking, searching, for that ultimate in Buddhist and Hindu items that I – we just can’t do without.  So I got us a whole heap of things from Clothing, jewellery, small, large, statues, water features, wall hangings, wind mobiles, incense, incense burners, so many things, well enought to fill a 40 foot container that’s going to arrive mid to late September.

Visit our website now.. and then come back later when our new stock is in.. you will be absoloutely amazed.

Below are a couple of pics of things to come… Thanks. Andy

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Rainbow Art by David Dunn Authentic Aboriginal Artist available at A Bears Old Wares

Click here to see more

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New Chakra Banners just arrived Buddha Store Yackandandah Australia

Go to our website and check our NEW LINE…. Chakra Banners they have just arrived and we are the sole distributors  in Victoria.

All are hemmed all the way around no fraying and great vibrant colours.  See the full range CLICK HERE

Affirmation Banners

Affirmation Banners

Chakra Bowls available in set of seven. (individually boxed)

Chakra Bowls available in set of seven. (individually boxed)

Chakra Banner One of many in store now

Chakra Banner One of many in store now

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Great new items in our store right NOW

Click here to visit our online store and see what we have just uploaded.

Blessing Vessel

Blessing Vessel

Beautiful Ornate Box Made in Tibet

Beautiful Ornate Box Made in Tibet

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Hello Fellow Buddhists

We are Andy Stevens and Gary Hayward and own and operate a Buddhist Supplies Store/Shop in our hometown of Yackandandah which is located in North East Victoria, Australia.

We have many items for your perusal in our store so please click here to visit and check out our range of goods from all over the world.

Items from Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam and Australia.

We pack and post worldwide on a daily basis.  If you can’t find someting in our store then just email us and we can try and locate it for you.

Also visit our links page for some interesting links on meditation and Buddhism.. also some short movies made by us when we invited four Tibetan Buddhist Monks to our town.  (between us and our sponsors we managed to raise $30,000.00 toward housing, feeding and educating Monks fleeing Tibet)

If you’d like to see an Alphabetical List of our items then just click HERE

We also sell WHOLESALE  just email us from our website to gain whlesale access

Below is a photo of four Monks who have blessed all the items in our shop.

Four Tibetan Buddhist Monks with Andy and Gaz

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