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From Yackandandah to Bali and back

My last trip to Bali was around 25 years ago, and I wasn’t all that keen on it then.

Times have changed and Bali has changed.  All the drug smuggler controversy, terrorist bombings, etc have taken their toll over the years.

The Balinese are a beautiful people and that’s one thing that hasn’t changed unless of course they have become more beautiful.
Well all the people I met while there were exceptional people.

I was there shopping for stock for our shop in Yackandandah Victoria Australia. Check it out if you like just click here

Anyway, up and down the mountains around towns, looking, searching, for that ultimate in Buddhist and Hindu items that I – we just can’t do without.  So I got us a whole heap of things from Clothing, jewellery, small, large, statues, water features, wall hangings, wind mobiles, incense, incense burners, so many things, well enought to fill a 40 foot container that’s going to arrive mid to late September.

Visit our website now.. and then come back later when our new stock is in.. you will be absoloutely amazed.

Below are a couple of pics of things to come… Thanks. Andy

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